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Technical report

1 Oct 2016

This report provides evidence of a high level of support for outcomes measurement on the part of community sector organisations in Western Australia, but also the challenges they face in measuring their impact. It also lists the key priorities of the community sector going forward...


5 Jul 2016

The aim of the research program is to increase understanding of the difference community programs make to the lives of Western Australians and what factors enhance the resilience and long-term financial viability of Western Australia’s emerging social enterprise sector.


1 Oct 2015

This report extends our previous Bankwest Foundation research and investigates the experiences of on-the-ground community organisations, government and philanthropic funders of community service organisations, and community sector peak bodies with outcomes measurement in Western Australia.


13 Mar 2012

NAB's Microenterprise Loan program is part of a commitment by NAB to address financial exclusion in Australia.

These unsecured business loans are for small enterprises that do not have access to mainstream business finance. The loans are not provided as a band-aid or short-term...


17 May 2010

This research reports several findings: First, the results of this study show that corporate responsibility is on the whole well integrated into the way that leading companies in Australia and New Zealand are doing business. This is evidenced by the companies’ approach to leadership and...

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