Moving forward: Women's journeys after leaving an abusive relationship

Women Interpersonal relationships Family violence Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Australia

This report presents findings from a literature review and qualitative research project under taken with women who have left a domestic violence relationship and staff who have experience working with these women.

The research was undertaken by the Social Policy and Research team at The Benevolent Society.

Methodology and sample
Semi-structured interviews were carried out with eight women who had been out of a violent relationship for at least one year and considered themselves to be safe from the abusive partner. Interviews were also carried out with six staff who had experience working with women who had left a violent relationship. Half of the women interviewed were from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and the length of time they had been out of the domestic violence relationship ranged from two to 13 years. The women interviewed had been in a domestic violent relationship for an average of 20 years and all of the women had children from the relationship. Staff involved in the research had worked in both specialist counselling roles and in refuges.

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