National Indigenous Alcohol and Drug Committee


The National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) provided policy advice to the government on how to address alcohol and other drug issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The committee of Australia's leading Indigenous experts and Indigenous health professionals assisted the Australian National Council on Drugs, and reported to the Australian National Council on Drugs/Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs Joint Executive Committee and other key relevant national Indigenous health bodies. NIDAC was defunded in December 2014.

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4 Feb 2012

This report argues that $111, 000 can be saved per year per offender by diverting non-violent Indigenous offenders with substance use problems into treatment instead of prison.

The report has been produced by the major accounting firm Deloitte Access Economics and also reveals a...


24 Jul 2009

Indigenous Australians make up almost one-quarter of Australia’s prison population. In the past 20 years, Indigenous Australians have continued to fill our country’s prisons at alarmingly disproportionate rates. The issues experienced by Indigenous offenders are significant and complex. The strong links between substance misuse and...

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