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The field of AI is rapidly evolving. It holds enormous potential to be used for both positive or negative purposes. Given the exponential nature of its development, we can only speculate as to its medium to longer term impact.

What is clear is that it’s essential to develop an understanding of, and response to, the many challenges and opportunities that this technological revolution will introduce to the economy and society.

Government is uniquely placed to respond to these challenges in a way that will contribute to our future. As Victorian Parliamentarians, we are taking the lead on this vital issue to increase understanding of AI and prepare our state for the future.

The capacity to benefit from, and adapt to, the challenges and opportunities presented by this cognitive revolution is arguably one of the greatest strategic issues facing Victoria, and Australia at large. In addition to the threat of job losses, the issues of mass data collection and privacy are also of concern.

AI is arguably one of the most important issues facing us in the future. AI offers many benefits and opportunities, as well as many challenges – we now need a prominent and informed public debate on AI in Victoria.

Members of the Victorian Parliament have established an All-Party Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn more about this technology and the impacts it will have on Victorians in the future. This primer provides a basic explanation of some of the key issues surrounding AI.

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