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21 Feb 2011

Objective: To understand the options available to general practitioners (GPs) to help patients experiencing economic hardship to manage their illnesses and the implications of these findings for policy.

Method: Cross-sectional survey of 134 GPs practising within the WentWest Division of General Practice and Blue...


25 Jan 2011

OUR recent study (61) for the Menzies Centre for Health Policy found that Australian doctors believe their patients are experiencing increasing financial hardship – with serious consequences for their health, and even death. These findings highlight the imperative of dealing with the rising out-of-pocket costs...


24 Nov 2009

The MYEFO report provides updated information to allow the assessment of the government's fiscal performance against the fiscal strategy set out in the current Budget Papers. This paper looks at the report's evidence on health spending.

The Treasurer must publicly release and table a...


27 Aug 2009

THE GLOBAL financial crisis has been good for health in the sense that it has provoked the state and territory governments to inject capital into health infrastructure. But this major investment needs to be balanced with provisions to ensure that needed health services are there...


29 Jul 2009

How many of the government’s health policies have been implemented? Angela Beaton and Lesley Russell look at the record

WHILE the Rudd Government has delivered on quite a few of its pre-election commitments, obesity and dental health are two of the stand-out issues yet...

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