Christopher M. Raymond


An Interdisciplinary Social Scientist who is passionate about developing new ways of engaging local communities in initiatives that support environmental sustainability and human well-being. This passion is reflected in my mission of Connecting People, Place and Prosperity.

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Working paper

1 Jan 2017

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are solutions to societal challenges that are inspired and supported by nature. The European Commission requested the EKLIPSE project to help building up an evidence and knowledge base on the benefits and challenges of applying NBS. In response to the request, the...

Journal article

1 Jan 2013

This study presents a self-assessment tool and process that facilitate community capacity building and social learning for natural resource management. The tool and process provide opportunities for rural landholders and project teams both to self-assess their capacity to plan and deliver natural resource management (NRM)...

Journal article

1 Jan 2013

This study explores the factors affecting rural landholders' adaptation to climate change from the perspectives of formal institutions and communities of practice. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with formal institutions (e.g. South Australian government agencies) and communities of practice (e.g. farm systems groups) within two natural...

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