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3 Sep 2010

Mark Scott makes some observations about the 2010 Australian federal election campaign and how it was handled by the fourth estate and then make some tentative suggestions about implications for the media and the nature of news coverage.


The 2010 election...


21 Oct 2009

Tonight I want to talk about media empires. They have been giants in our lives. And in these early days of a new millennium, shockwaves are being felt all around them. They now seem less like agents of their destinies than helpless witnesses to the...



In this keynote address for the New News conference at the Melbourne Writers Festival, ABC cheif Mark Scott gives his take on the media's coverage of the recent federal election.

Through the mess and noise, Scott discerns the important themes and contributions and structural...



As Managing Director of the ABC, Mark Scott has presided over the national broadcaster at a time of extraordinary change in the media landscape. In the A.N. Smith Lecture in Journalism, he looks at where media might be headed after the fall of the great...

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