Report 467: Cybersecurity compliance

Inquiry based on Auditor-General's report 42 (2016-17)
Electronic government information Cyber intelligence Cyber security Information resources management Australia
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As technology evolves, more and more government services are being delivered online. New technology can deliver efficiencies to services and products, but it also carries new and significant risks. With increasing volumes of data being collected and used by various government systems, the security of sensitive personal, industry and government information is becoming a greater challenge.

Cybersecurity is a strategic priority for the Australian Government. Ensuring a strong and responsive cybersecurity strategy is critical to protect Australians’ privacy and Australia’s interests across the fullest range of areas—from administrative efficiency to national security. Effective implementation across all government systems, alongside a corresponding enhanced security culture, is required to deter and successfully respond to cyber threats and attacks.

As a strategic priority, it is crucial that Commonwealth entities be accountable to the Australian Parliament on cybersecurity. The Committee recommends that the Attorney-General’s Department and the ASD report annually on the Commonwealth’s cybersecurity posture to the Parliament, such as through the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

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