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19 Nov 2009

Creativity and cultural engagement are essential ingredients in making our individual and collective lives rich. They are both key to developing and dependent on the social capital that is so vital in mobility and life chances. The terms creativity and culture are acknowledged as...


14 Sep 2007

The creative and cultural industries are perhaps the most visible and potent emblem of the way the post-industrial age is transforming Britain?s economy. The rise of a global division of labour has meant that, for the first time, significant numbers of people are able to...


28 Jun 2007

The creative industries are a new way of doing business but the policy interventions to support them proceed to work in old, industrial ways. The task for policy is no longer simply to try to pre-empt the information and knowledge that the creative industries need,...

Discussion paper

21 Jun 2007

Recently much attention has been paid to creativity in education, reflecting wider concern with creativity in general. The creative industries are a hugely successful part of our economy and ministers have pledged to ?make Britain the world?s creative hub?. However, with this focus on creativity...

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