Contract completion and attrition rates are derived by tracking the outcomes of contracts of training over time. However, due to the duration of training, this method requires some years to pass to enable an accurate report on outcomes for the majority of contracts. In this instance, we can report completion and attrition rates for contracts commenced in 2012 for trade occupations and in 2013 for non-trade occupations.

For apprentices and trainees commencing later than 2012 or 2013, we need to estimate completion and attrition rates, given that significant proportions are still undertaking their training. This is achieved by applying a ‘life tables’ methodology to up-to-date cross-tabulations of commencements, completions and cancellations/withdrawals.

During an apprenticeship or traineeship there may be many reasons for changes in contracts, such as a change in employer, with breaks in the training. Therefore, in addition to reporting on contract outcomes, it is also useful to look at the completion rates of individuals.

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