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Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) launched in 2010 to accelerate a world-wide transition to cooler, healthier cities. Its mission is to advance urban heat island mitigation policies and programs to promote more efficient and comfortable buildings, healthier and more resilient cities, and to cancel some of the warming effects of climate change through global cooling. Increasing the solar reflectance of urban surfaces such as roofs and roads is a cost-effective strategy to achieve these goals.

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1 Jan 2018

Cool roofs and pavements can help cool down buildings and cities. Replacing roofs and pavements with more reflective materials could reverse the urban heat island effect. Cool, reflective roofs and pavements are readily available, typically pay back within one year when the roof is ready...


1 Jan 2012

Studies of a city’s “urban fabric” indicate that about 60 percent of urban surfaces are covered by roofs or pavements. About 20 to 25 percent are roofs and 30 to 45 percent are pavements. Because these surfaces are dark and typically absorb over 80 percent...

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