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Call for 'Religious Discrimination Act' fuels religious freedoms debate

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Another round of 'culture wars' could be about to begin — with religious freedom the new flashpoint.

The polarising debate has been further fuelled by a call by the Cabinet Minister Dan Tehan for Australia to adopt a 'Religious Discrimination Act'.

He argues that people of faith need greater protections from the rise of "minority fundamentalism" and the "creeping encroachment" on their beliefs by supporters of same sex marriage, euthanasia and the end to the sanctity of the seal of the confessional.

Liberal Senator James Paterson supports calls for greater religious protections.

Last year he produced his own marriage equality bill — which would have allowed civil marriage celebrants and service providers to refuse services for same-sex weddings on the basis of religious freedom.

Senator James Paterson joins Hamish Mcdonald on RN Breakfast.

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