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In the inaugural Victorian Infrastructure Plan, released in October 2017, the Victorian Government responded to Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-Year Infrastructure Plan. The Victorian Government accepted 134 recommendations, in full, in part or in principle and outlined the government’s priorities.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan - Projects Pipeline has now been refreshed and updated, as progress continues on Victoria’s key infrastructure projects. New initiatives have also been included, reflecting the ongoing investment in maintaining Victoria’s liveability and prosperity.

Infrastructure Victoria provided advice on the Victorian Infrastructure Plan. Their findings focused on alignment with the key priorities of their 30-Year Infrastructure Plan. These priorities relate to increasing housing densities to make better use of existing infrastructure, managing demand on the transport network, increasing the supply of social and affordable housing and improving communications infrastructure.

The government is implementing a number of initiatives to facilitate new housing in established areas and employment centres. Seven National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs) are identified in Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 as a focus for jobs growth and strategic infrastructure investment, supporting decentralisation of jobs in metropolitan Melbourne and providing opportunities for densification of housing.

Plans for five of the NEICs are expected to be completed in 2018. The government is facilitating new development as part of level crossing removals including delivering housing adjacent to stations on surplus government land.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the transport network, the Victorian Government has continued to focus on unlocking additional capacity through significant investment in new transport solutions such as Metro Tunnel. New initiatives such as the Suburban Roads Upgrades Package will upgrade existing roads to reduce congestion and the ongoing delivery of additional rolling stock will improve the reliability and efficiency of Victoria’s public transport network.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan also supports the most vulnerable Victorians, with a commitment to implementing key elements of the Victorian Government’s Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Plan. This includes the provision of modular homes for people sleeping rough and housing teams to provide individualised support.

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