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Mental illness and suicide prevention: position statement

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This position statement represents the public position of Suicide Prevention Australia and is used to inform the ways in which Suicide Prevention Australia engages with stakeholders. The statement provides recommendations to guide future investments in addressing issues relating to mental health, mental illness and suicide prevention, as well as a background resource describing the key issues involved in mental illness and suicide.

The position statement and background are specific to the issue of mental illness and suicide. It does not discuss the general issues of suicide and suicide prevention, nor address risk factors experienced by other cohorts deemed to be at an increased risk of suicide such as LGBTI or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, except where the risk factors experienced by these communities also intersect with risk factors for those experiencing mental illness.

Suicide Prevention Australia largely supports the recommendations from the 2014 Review of Services and Programmes by the National Mental Health Commission, as well as those from the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan, and looks forward to detailed Government monitoring and reporting on these commitments. These, together with additional insights from our understanding of the evidence, inform the following recommendations.

It is expected that if these recommendations were enacted in full, we would see a substantial reduction in the number of individuals dying by suicide in Australia and an overall improvement in the mental health and wellbeing of the community.


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