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Journal article

27 Sep 2018

This article finds that the level of evidence for the effectiveness of strategies to improve the use of research in policy making is low, and there remains a need for well-designed empirical studies that evaluate interventions.

Journal article

15 Feb 2017

There is a growing body of literature about the barriers to, and enablers of, the use of research evidence in policy and practice. Research funders are in a unique position to influence activities aimed at promoting research use.

During the past decade, NSW (New...

Working paper

2 May 2016


This paper explores some of the factors that appear to be supporting the growth and success of the Central Land Council's multimillion-dollar Aboriginal community development program that operates across Central Australia. The program has driven a major change in the way that...


3 Aug 2009

Community policing can provide strategies and reassurances to support newly arrived refugee communities to Australia particularly with respect to their understanding of rights and responsibilities under Australian law, according to this report.

These understandings can profoundly affect whether the settlement of individuals and families...

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