A conversation on trust: community policing and refugee settlement in regional Australia

Multiculturalism Rural conditions Human rights Refugees Australia

Community policing can provide strategies and reassurances to support newly arrived refugee communities to Australia particularly with respect to their understanding of rights and responsibilities under Australian law, according to this report.

These understandings can profoundly affect whether the settlement of individuals and families from newly arrived refugee communities is successful. 
The research offers an understanding of both the perspectives of police and the members of newly arrived African communities in regional Australia. It identifies strategies that can be adopted by residents of regional Australia to create, maintain and sustain relationships with newly arrived refugee communities. It explores the necessity of these strategies particularly due to the lack of specialist resources in regional Australia to support the complex dynamics of settlement. 
The research reveals that an understanding of experiential difference (individual) and community (dynamics) is crucial to positive police and refugee relations. These underpin the three distinct themes emerging from the research around barriers and enablers; namely, background and transition; knowledge acquisition and education; and reactions to present experiences.

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