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My overall conclusion is that the experience in the RTW Scheme generally compares favourably to the WRC Scheme, notwithstanding that the RTW Scheme faces several challenges relating to the achievement of its primary object and the other objectives set out in section 3 of the RTW Act.

The statistical data and other information I reviewed indicates that the RTW Scheme is still in a transitional phase. There is no warrant for comprehensive change at this point in time. I have not recommended an overhaul of the dispute resolution process, the determination of medical questions or any great expansion or reduction in the benefit package available to workers. I have recommended that the jurisdiction under the RTW Act remain with SAET.

I have identified some areas of concern where the administration and operation of the RTW Act should be modified to better promote the primary object and other objectives of the RTW Act. I have recommended reforms aimed at ensuring the speedy resolution of disputes through more robust investigation, transparency in decision-making and more rigorous record-keeping. Incremental changes have been suggested to improve the experience for workers, employers and other stakeholders. I have aimed to promote fairness and efficiency, without substantially altering the well-defined boundaries that underpin the RTW Scheme. The RTW Scheme is being managed by RTWSA, as well as private self-insurers and Crown, in a way that is financially sustainable.

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