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16 May 2013


In the first continental analysis of the effects of climate change on a faunal group, we identified that the climate space of 101 Australian terrestrial and inland water bird taxa is likely to be entirely gone by 2085, 16 marine taxa have...


10 Aug 2009

There is a global shortage of nursing professionals. It is particularly tight for remote places like the Northern Territory, Australia. This report looks at the demographic profile of the Territory’s nurses and midwives, how that has changed in the last few decades and explores...


1 Jan 2008

Anticipating the future is uniquely human. We strive constantly to anticipate trends and great events to seek opportunity and avoid disaster. So what will drive the future of tropical Australia? The four authors of this book, all of whom have a close association with the...


10 Aug 2006

Based on a number of interviews conducted with small and medium sized businesses located in the Darwin area, the report identified limited evidence of innovation with respect to the creation of new products and services, and only minimal engagement with government from those few businesses...

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