Art and soul: creative and prosperous city strategy 2018-22

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The Art and Soul - Creative and Prosperous City Strategy outlines the cultural change and collaborative actions required over the next four years across a range of Council services, including: arts, culture and heritage, economic development and tourism, festivals, libraries, markets, city planning and urban design, to create a thriving social, cultural and economic future for the City of Port Phillip.

Where do we want to be?

We are looking to harness the creativity of the City of Port Phillip and will seek to achieve this by creating a City of dynamic and distinctive places and precincts; building a prosperous City that connects and grows business as well as bringing arts, culture and creative expression to everyday life and contributing to Melbourne’s liveability.

What will be different by 2019/20 and 2021/22 as a result of Council investing in this strategy?

• leveraging of Council’s current investments to better support creative industries • delivery of a concentrated placemaking effort and investment, with significant activation of precincts in Fitzroy Street, Waterfront Place and Clarendon Street

• strengthening of South Melbourne and Fishermans Bend as our creative industry clusters and recognising the opportunity of other emerging clusters such as William Street in Balaclava • increased access to a diversity of affordable spaces and funding for the local creative industries

• planning for adequate employment land across the City to facilitate local jobs and support the arts and creative industries • delivery of a Game Action Plan, a four year plan addressing access to space and affordability, a Creative Sector Prospectus, a Live Music Action Plan and a new three year St Kilda Festival Plan.

What does success look like?

At the end of the four year strategy implementation:

• business and creatives are saying that the City of Port Phillip is the place to be to work, create and innovate

• community is saying that Council is maximising our opportunities; that we have really thought about this and have deliberately acted in a strategic and collaborative way; that the arts and creative sector is vibrant, accessible and sustainable

• Council’s role has expanded, leveraging more from what we own and directly do, in addition to facilitating, brokering and co-creating with community to empower a sustained sector

• the City of Port Phillip is known as punching above our weight in contributing to the state’s cultural economy.

We also hope to see an increase in the number of visitors to the City of Port Phillip, industry and business growth, a reduction in commercial vacancy rates as well as an increase in resident, business and visitor satisfaction levels. It is important to highlight that investment in this strategy alone may not be sufficient to shift these particular measures as there are a range of other external factors that may influence them. However, by tracking these measures we can reflect and adjust the strategy and try new things if the interventions don’t appear to be making a significant difference.

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