Resilient Sydney, is the first resilience strategy for metropolitan Sydney.

This strategy sets the direction we must take to strengthen our ability to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of increasing global uncertainty and local shocks and stresses. This strategy calls for business, government, academia, communities and individuals to lead and work as one city.

This strategy marks a new spirit of collaboration and connection in our city and is the result of two years of effort across Sydney. It responds to the results of engagement with over 1,000 people and over one hundred organisations. The document sets out a five-year strategy on the path to build our resilience. This approach has been developed with all of Sydney’s metropolitan councils and contributors from the NSW Government, business and community organisations.

Included reports:

  • Resilient Sydney. A strategy for city resilience 2018
  • Context report
  • Preliminary resilience assessment
  • Discovery area diagnostic report
  • Engagement report
  • Agenda setting workshop summary report




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