This document reports on the student attendance rate for NT DEET schools during 2005 to 2007.  It compares the student attendance rate and the average weekly enrolment for all NT DEET students.

On average, students from NT government schools attend for just over 4 days of a 5-day week.  That is, on average, they are missing almost one day per week. However Indigenous students are attending school for about one day per week less than non-Indigenous students. Non-Indigenous students attend, on average, for about 41⁄2 days of a 5-day week (or 9 days of a 10-day fortnight), whereas, Indigenous students attend about 31⁄2 days a week (or 7 days per fortnight).  That is, on average, non-Indigenous students are missing about a 1⁄2 day a week and Indigenous students are missing about 11⁄2 days.


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