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Review of the National Pollutant Inventory: discussion paper

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This discussion paper invites public comment to inform the Review of the National Pollutant Inventory (the Review).

As the Review will have a significant effect on the future operations of the NPI, this paper will be of interest to stakeholders from government, industry, non-government organisations and the public who use data from and/or contribute data to, the NPI. Members of the public or academics who may not directly be involved with the NPI yet have an interest in its operations are also welcome to make submissions.

This paper contains the following sections:

  • About the National Pollutant Inventory
  • About the NPI Review
  • Environmental outcomes
  • Performance
  • Resourcing

Following the requirements of the Review’s Terms of Reference, the paper describes the formative process, goals and objectives of the NPI, presents case studies of typical uses for NPI data and describes the operations of the NPI throughout, often benchmarking it with similar international programs.

The first two sections introduce the NPI and the Review background and submission process.

The Environmental outcomes section attempts to inform the reader on considerations they might make in determining the extent to which the NPI has achieved its goals and objectives and its potential for doing so in the future.

The Performance section describes how the NPI operates and promotes discussion on areas with potential room for improvement.

The Resourcing section outlines some potential funding reforms, discussing issues with potential to guide any requirement for further, more detailed financial analysis in the Review.

The paper identifies a range of questions relevant to the Review Terms of Reference to help guide submissions. Please note, these questions are for guidance only. Your submission may address any issue relating to the NPI.

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