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Literature review

26 Sep 2018

By outlining global evidence of what works to prevent violence against women and girls, this literature review provides one measure that Australia can use to assess the effectiveness of its investments and programs.


12 Feb 2018

Family violence is a key public health issue in Australia.

Approximately one in four Australian women have experienced violence by an intimate partner since the age of 15. Family violence can take a multitude of forms including but not limited to physical violence, sexual...


Building a knowledge base and identifying gaps for all manifestations of family violence
4 Feb 2018

This report examines 11 often under-represented communities, including women with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities, male victims, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and explores the different ways in which they experience family violence.


Taking an intersectional approach to address violence in diverse Australian communities
18 Oct 2017

Most of the existing evidence and primary prevention efforts in Australia are focused on intimate partner violence and sexual violence, perpetrated by men against women.

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence identified several communities whose experiences of family violence are unique.


Other text

18 Oct 2017

This booklet provides an overview of the current state of evidence on the drivers and contributing factors of violence against women and girls, focusing in particular on the role of social norms.

It provides a summary of effective strategies for the prevention of violence...

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