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8 Nov 2007

This week on the Media Report a special panel discussion on the power of blogging. Among the speakers are Hugh Martin, General Manager of APN Online Australia and Pippa Leary, from Fairfax Digital.


7 Dec 2006

What does the future hold for community television? It's shaking off its hokey image and gaining more and more viewers across Australia, but at the same time it's also beginning to lose audience share as consumers switch from analogue to digital. Marooned for the moment...


9 Nov 2006

Despite setbacks in the lucrative China market earlier this year, the Internet search engine company Google continues to grow and grow. So what exactly is its game plan? And why is it being referred to as a future Microsoft rival?


19 Oct 2006

Media owners appear to be scrambling to take advantage of new legislative changes. And amid the flurry, a deal confirmed yesterday between James Packer's PBL company and a group called CVC Asia Pacific has suddenly given Mr Packer an awful lot of ready money for...

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