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Working paper

15 Mar 2018

It is unclear why royalties are the dominant mode of payment in contracts over the trade of pre-commercial technology. We evaluate possible reasons for including royalties in a contract using a dataset of 645 contracts.


15 Jul 2017

With global health care spending projected to grow by over four per cent per year, there is an urgent need for new technologies, goods and services that will improve patient care. This is an enormous and continued economic opportunity for Victoria.


29 Nov 2016


The Beyond Bushfires: Community Resilience and Recovery study was conducted to examine the impacts of the Black Saturday and related bushfires of February 2009 on community members’ physical and mental health and wellbeing. The research also aimed to build understanding of the...


29 Jun 2009

This paper investigates the effects of competition on hospital quality.

It proposes to extend the Elzinga-Hogarty quantity flow approach of defining markets by first determining the trading cluster to which each hospital belongs and then delineating markets using patient flow information.

After defining...


3 Sep 2008

This paper analyses the effect of raising the inventive step requirements in the Patents Act 1990 on Australia?s position in the global supply chain. In particular, it considers the likely effects on the intentions of foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) to invest in Australia and the...