Australia responds: helping our neighbours fight climate change

9 Oct 2006

The world’s poorest people – many of whom are already experiencing the effects of climate change – will be the worst hit under climate change with impacts for the developing world predicted to be far more devastating than in industrialised nations. Australia recognises industrial economies have a responsibility for climate change and need to take the lead role in avoiding dangerous climate change. Despite this, Australia has one of the highest per capita greenhouse emissions levels in the world and is the world’s 17th largest greenhouse polluter. Drawing on the CSIRO reoprt Climate Change in the Asia Pacific Region, and its own experiences, the Climate Change and Development Roundtable has also independently developed Australia Responds: Helping Our Neighbours Fight Climate Change which outlines recommendations that will better prepare Australia to respond to the growing regional threat of climate change and develop a proactive strategy to lessen its impacts on our regional neighbours.

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