The qualities of quality: Understanding excellence in arts education

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For many children in the United States, arts education, if offered at all, is uninspired and infrequent. So what do arts educators and others think are the key attributes of 'quality' in arts learning in K-12?

Researchers at Harvard's Project Zero explore this question through interviews, case studies and a literature review. Excellent arts education, they conclude, is "not simply a matter of adopting a research-proven set of 'best practices.'" Rather, it requires educators and others to reflect deeply about a range of issues, including the many possible purposes of arts education, from helping students develop aesthetic awareness to helping them grow as individuals. The report includes a set of tools that can assist in making decisions about achieving and sustaining quality arts education.

Authors: Steve Seidel, Shari Tishman, Ellen Winner, Lois Hetland and Patricia Palmer

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