Innovation or resuscitation? A review of design integration programs in Australia

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Design integration programs have been established and supported by governments of nations around the world, including the UK, Korea, Denmark, Taiwan and New Zealand. The UK’s 2005 Review of Creativity in Business, commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and conducted by Sir George Cox of the Design Council, alerted attentive countries to the idea that design can enable innovation as the conduit between creativity and application. Design integration programs aim to increase the competitiveness of business through the application of design services and design thinking within the business model. Typically design integration programs provide auditing, mentoring and business modelling with selected companies to plan and implement strategies to utilise professional design services and apply design thinking methods to develop new products, services or processes. This chapter in "The Handbook of Service Innovation" will review four government supported programs in Australia aiming to integrate design capabilities to stimulate business innovation and contribute to economic growth. The program reviews will consider the policy discourse, strategies, and instruments used within the four design integration programs. The chapter will conclude with a discussion of opportunities and limitations of design integration programs and provide some recommendations for the development of future programs.


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The Handbook of Service Innovation


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