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28 Aug 2018

If citizens have open access to data and can shape policy will they have more faith in government and the law?

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15 Sep 2015

It’s called grey literature because it’s typically unregulated and beyond the scrutiny and control of the peer reviewed journals or public service processes. But is grey literature credible? Does it genuinely add to our store of knowledge? And how much of this digital scholarship will...

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15 Sep 2015

Digital Humanities: It’s the coming together of digital computing technology and human cultural artefacts. This academic discipline embraces a variety of topics, from curating online collections to data mining large cultural data sets. Willard McCarty from King’s College London explains two specific features of digital...

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31 Aug 2015

The EU has committed itself to a 40% carbon reduction goal by 2030. In spite of the economic difficulties brought on by the GFC, Europe continues to set ambitious climate targets.

Former EU Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedergaard, speaks about the upcoming UN...

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6 Aug 2015

Big Ideas examines the role of our watchdog agencies. Generally, they only draw public attention when they show someone up: corrupt behaviour by a government official, a waste of public money or maladministration. Less dramatic but just as important is another side of the agencies’...

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