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20 Feb 2019

The primary aim of this project was to determine how online distribution is changing the environment for operating a creative micro-enterprise, and with it, the larger relationship between public and private spheres. A key research question was - what are the ‘self-making’ skills required to...

Journal article

26 May 2018

To date, psychology has dominated the theoretical research on loneliness but this article argues that sociology has a key role to play in broadening out the theoretical terrain of this understanding so as to create culturally informed interventions.

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4 Apr 2018

Through an ethnographic approach in which five young children’s visits were documented in great detail, the article considers these in the light of children’s experiences of previous exhibitionary platforms and the relevance of Mona’s museological interventions for building their dispositions to art and broadening art...


22 Feb 2018

This book provides a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary craft production, situating practices of amateur and professional making within a wider creative economy.

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22 Jun 2017

Both the superhero and the supervillain operate outside the law. This paper considers what the prefix “super” really means in relation to these two classes, drawing on Nietzsche’s original definition of the ubermensch (superman) and its relationship to legal concepts such as the state of...