Eco-innovation policies in Australia

Country profiles on policies to support environment-friendly innovation
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This report is part of the OECD work programme on eco-innovation policies.

The ambition of this report is to provide an empirical inventory of policies in place in Australia to promote eco-innovation. Considering that European countries had developed roadmaps for ecoinnovation policies in the context of the European Commission Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP), the secretariat prepared an inventory of eco-innovation policies in eight non-EU OECD countries (Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey and the US). A similar project for China is published separately.

The objective of this work is to complement the knowledge base on eco-innovation policies in OECD countries and to provide empirical material for additional research on policy issues related to eco-innovation. The outline of each country profile is similar to that of ETAP roadmap, to facilitate comparison.

The work was implemented in coordination with country delegations, which have identified experts in each country who could provide additional information and review initial drafts of the country profile of their country.

A consultant (IEEP, Brussels, Belgium) has been commissioned to collect all information publicly available in English on eco-innovation policies in each of the eight non-EU OECD members. Field missions have been organised by the country experts in four countries (Canada, Japan, Korea, the US). During these missions, the secretariat met with the agencies identified and selected by the country expert. Draft country profiles have been developed on the basis of desk research and field missions. They have been reviewed by national experts and revised accordingly. All country profiles present information which was up-to-date at the end of 2007. In most cases, more recent information has been taken into account.

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