Culturally responsive family dispute resolution in family relationship centres

Conflict management Interpersonal relations Social security Multiculturalism Poverty Families Australia

This article examines aspects of post-separation services and service provision and summarises the literature related to the provision of culturally responsive family dispute resolution.

"Family relationship centres (FRCs) are required to liaise and work with local communities to provide services relevant to those communities. Among other things, FRC staff and processes must take account of and be sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of clients. This has led many FRCs to begin to develop innovative approaches to assist and provide family dispute resolution to Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Two FRCs with which I am associated have initiated research, still in progress, to develop culturally responsive family dispute resolution (FDR). This paper will synthesise some of the issues identified in the literature to provide a framework for thinking about how FRCs, and other service providers in this sector, might provide culturally responsive FDR."

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