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This year’s Global Report on Internal Displacement explores why so many countries still struggle despite 20 years of international, regional and national policy efforts and investments.

Part 1 - On the GRID - The Global displacement landscape – Features new global figures for the year of 2017, displacement highlights and regional overviews

Part 2 - Off the GRID - Making progress in reducing internal displacement – Discusses policy progress, risk and impacts, and the way forward

Part 3 - Inside the GRID - Filling the data gaps – Highlights data challenges and gaps in accounting for internal displacement

Countries facing internal displacement must drive policymaking. Over the coming years, countries will have to better account for IDPs and displacement risk, and make addressing internal displacement an integral part of development planning and governance at both the local and national level.

To make genuine progress at the national, regional and international levels, there needs to be constructive and open dialogue on internal displacement. This must be led by countries impacted by the issue, with the support of international partners, and in line with their national priorities and realities.

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