Improving the CPRS

8 Sep 2009

IT SEEMS virtually certain that the CPRS legislation will be reintroduced to parliament later this year, and highly likely that it will be passed with the support of some or all Liberal senators. The alternative, a double dissolution fought on an issue where the party is split down the middle, would be catastrophic, good reason for any party with an interest in long-term survival to avoid it. I’m guessing the Liberal Party still fits that description, or at least that enough of its members do to provide a Senate majority.

In these circumstances, it’s unlikely that we will see improvements on the current proposal, in fact the opposite. It makes tactical sense for Labor to offer the Libs some further modest concessions, enough to get their support while splitting off the Nationals and leaving the delusion, delay and do-nothing faction among the Libs deeply unhappy.

Undaunted, I’m going to suggest some ways in which the scheme might be improved...

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