Antony Froggatt


Antony Froggatt joined Chatham House in 2007 and is a senior research fellow in the Energy, Environment and Resources department.

He studied energy and environmental policy at the University of Westminster and the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, and is currently an associate member of the Energy Policy Group at Exeter University.

At Chatham House he specializes in global energy security and European electricity policy, including the impact of Brexit. He has worked as an independent consultant for 20 years with environmental groups, academics and public bodies in Europe and Asia.

He has also worked as a freelance journalist. In 1992, he co-authored the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, a now annual independent review of the nuclear sector.

Recently added resources


19 Feb 2019

Plant-based ‘meat’ and ‘lab-grown’ meat may help to tackle the unsustainability of the livestock sector. Focusing on the EU, this paper explores the challenges of scaling up production and generating demand for such meat analogues.


10 Jan 2019

This paper considers the structural changes to food production, transport, manufacturing and consumption that Brexit will bring about in the UK. It discusses the potential for reformulating food policy.


22 Aug 2018

This paper argues that evidence is growing that highly flexible electricity systems could deliver lower whole-system costs, especially given the dramatic projected falls in solar and wind power costs by 2030.

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