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The new infrastructure: using design thinking to build better communities

4 Sep 2018

Good infrastructure is vital for our way of life. It includes not only public transport and roads, but also schools, hospitals and the services that keep them running.

Infrastructure does more than just get us from A to B or provide water or electricity when we need it. It has broader social and environmental benefits and impacts on how we work, play and interact with one another. If delivered and operated well, infrastructure drives productivity and increases economic competitiveness while also enhancing our quality of life.

Infrastructure is facing many challenges—from congestion and housing affordability to high energy costs and inconsistent telecommunication coverage. Australia’s population is expected to grow from 22.3 million in 2011 to 30.5 million in 2031, with many of this growth happening in our major capital cities.

This is increasing demand for public transport, water and electricity infrastructure and putting pressure on our schools and hospitals. And, this is occurring amid growing concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability.

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