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Revolutionising health: predicting patient health using blockchain and wearable technology

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Wearable technology has taken the world by storm over the past number of years. Members of the public have been liberated, finally able to take control over their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

More so now than ever, lifestyle has become a major factor in the success of many sectors. If we look at retail, experiential shopping has become the latest trend, where people are learning new skills or are able to buy and also have a memorable store experience, whether through an event or masterclass or perhaps through the use of technology.

Finance is almost dictated by lifestyle. People no longer want to queue in the bank to deal with their finances. They want to access account information from the comfort of their home or whilst commuting to work. Healthcare is no different.

People want to know how their body works and how they can live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Wearable technology has opened to door to many people where we are finally able to monitor our fitness levels and sleeping patterns. This has normally been used for the leisure sector, however it can extend further and help those with long term health conditions that need to be managed on a daily basis by patients.


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