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Draft Charter of Aged Care Rights: consultation paper

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The Australian population is ageing and the expectations of older people and the community are changing. In recognition of this, the Australian Government is making fundamental reforms to the aged care system. The reforms aim to ensure high-quality services that meet consumer needs and preferences.

Over the last three years, the department has been partnering with consumers, the aged care sector, experts and the community to develop a Single Aged Care Quality Framework that:

- includes:

  • new aged care quality standards that increase the focus on outcomes for consumers
  • improved quality assessment processes
  • a single Charter of rights for all aged care recipients

- applies across all types of aged care

The new Aged Care Quality Standards (new Standards) have been finalised. Providers have a 12 month transition period to adapt their processes and practices to the new Standards. Subject to parliamentary processes, assessment against the new Standards will commence from 1 July 2019.

Work on improving quality assessment processes was placed on hold pending the outcome of the Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes (the Carnell/Paterson review). This work will be progressed in the context of the 2018-19 Budget ‘Better Quality of Care’ measures.

The department has commenced working with the sector to develop a single Charter of rights for people receiving aged care.


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