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Aviation safety regulation chronology 1982-2008

Fair trading regulation Airlines Industries Australia

A good safety record is a judgement of past performance and does not guarantee the future, although it is a useful indicator. In 2000, it was demonstrated that even highly reputable operators are not fail safe, with the crash of an Air France Concorde at Paris and a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 at Taipei. While major Australian airlines may be a good choice, because they have not had a recent fatal event, they may also be a poor choice for the same reason. Technical development and continuing pressure to maintain an accident free record will counter this. This chronology of major international and domestic events related to aviation safety, over the past 25 years, takes a global perspective of the subject. The many references to overseas accidents are included for their influence on Australian aviation operations and safety. Nonetheless, the chronology is a selective record of events, with a particular focus on those airlines that fly here.


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