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Technical report

3 May 2019

This report examines New Zealand cities from the perspective of income and cost of living. It compares six New Zealand cities (Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown) to five Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide) and describes the challenges ahead.


22nd CEO survey: key findings for New Zealand
21 Jan 2019

This report highlights a trend of pessimism regarding economic growth, as New Zealand CEOs feel increasingly uncertain about the economic future. The survey also gauged CEO's attitudes towards AI as well as data and analytics.


7 Nov 2018

After assisting many clients to migrate to New Zealand and invest here, PwC has consolidated their experience into an easy to use guide that provides an overview of New Zealand’s economic, social and regulatory landscape.


18 Jun 2018

Affordable housing is a key challenge facing many developed cities, worldwide. Parts of New Zealand, particularly Auckland, are amongst the least affordable cities in the world. This paper largely focuses on the responses to alleviate the affordability issue.


1 May 2018

The New Zealand China Council (NZCC) has commissioned this report to set out a range of options to expand New Zealand’s “connectivity” with China and other countries along the Belt and Road. The options are not intended to be exhaustive but an illustrative indication of...

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