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The £40 billion prize from boosting youth employment, education and training in the UK
1 Nov 2018

The index estimates the potential gain from boosting youth employment, education and training to be around £40 billion in the UK and over $1 trillion across the OECD. This can be achieved by lowering the NEET (not in education, employment or training) rate to German...


Global Pound Conference Series
24 May 2018

This report drew input from a global cast of stakeholders in international dispute resolution. In the aggregate, its results were not surprising, highlighting a global focus on efficiency, collaboration, and pre-dispute and mixed-mode dispute resolution protocols.

Briefing paper

1 Mar 2018

Wearable technology has taken the world by storm over the past number of years. Members of the public have been liberated, finally able to take control over their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

More so now than ever, lifestyle has become a major factor in...


1 Dec 2017

Our PwC CEO Survey showed that 92% of the world’s CEOs agree that in an increasingly digital world it is becoming ever more important to have a strong corporate purpose. Within PwC, we found that a sizeable majority of our 220,000 people voted for a...

Policy report

G20 Insights
26 Jun 2017

Digitization is driving massive labour market transformation across the globe. This policy brief looks at the effects of automation on businesses, current workforces and communities especially in developed nations and suggests interventions to tackle the unprecedented challenges. Even though complexity and exponential developments in the...