This technical guide is the BREEAM Scheme Document for Communities (BREEAM Communities 2012). It describes an environmental, social and economic performance standard against which large scale developments in the UK and internationally through the BREEAM Communities bespoke international process can be assessed, rated and certified.

First launched in 1990, BREEAM was the world’s first environmental assessment method for new building designs. It uses a balanced scorecard approach with tradable credits to enable the market to decide how to achieve optimum environmental performance for the project. Over the years BREEAM has been regularly updated and applied to an ever growing range of development types, designs and lifecycle stages. BREEAM is now applied in its various forms in over 50 countries.

In 2011 BREEAM committed to widening the group of stakeholders involved in its future development, both strategically and at the local level. In doing so it aims to be a vehicle for design support, as well as assessment, across all development life cycle stages and infrastructure, including the master planning of large scale developments. In BREEAM Communities the environmental assessment method is expanded to more holistically approach sustainability with greater consideration of the social and economic impacts of development. 

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SD202 – Issue: 1.2
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