An independent review of airport security and policing for the Government of Australia

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On 5th June, 2005, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, the Hon John Anderson MP, invited me to Head this Review into Airport Security and Policing. I subsequently liaised with the Department of Transport and Regional Services Secretary, Mr Michael Taylor, on the Terms of Reference for the Review and I have been engaged on the project since 7th June. My Review Team and I have visited a number of airports in Australia and it is upon the basis of these visits, research undertaken, the written submissions received and the detailed discussions that we have had, that I have developed my recommendations.


My approach to the Review has included taking a fresh look at the decisions already made by the Australian Government, especially those of recent months. Thus, I support and comment upon matters such as the proposed appointment of the Airport Security Controller and the role of CCTV. I have approached the issues relating to the safety and security of airports by reviewing the threat and risk from terrorism and crime and seeking to improve flows of relevant information. In addition, I have sought to improve the overall command and coordination structure and to enhance confidence building among Federal, State and relevant commercial interests. I have also made observations to improve essential aspects of security, including as they relate to the Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), airport access, cargo, and differences between the major airports and smaller centres.

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