Automation and globalisation will fundamentally change the Australian workforce, meaning Australia needs to develop people with the skills needed for the future, not only today’s job market.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) underpin the innovation and creativity needed to develop technologies and understand and find solutions to current and future problems, changing the way we live in years to come.

Even now, there is a huge array of career paths available to people who study STEM.

STEM skills underpin jobs in every field, including accounting, logistics, policy development, education, policing and market research, among many others. STEM-based industries are among the fastest growing in Australia, where even a 1% increase in people choosing a STEM career could contribute over $57 billion to the economy over 20 years.

This discussion paper has been provided to briefly describe the key issues and areas that will be considered in the development of the 10-year plan to boost women in STEM and to provide the questions for broad consultation with stakeholders.

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