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This report is an update from a similar document published in 2013. In 2018, evidence gathered by the International Energy Agency has identified six critical factors to guide policy makers in realising potential savings in both new and existing buildings through the modernisation of building energy codes.

1. Require all new buildings and buildings undergoing renovation to be covered by energy codes and meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPs) that minimise life-cycle costs.
2. Regularly update the MEPS to accelerate the deployment of best available technologies and construction materials.
3. Develop a roadmap to guide updates of building energy codes and standards including future targets for very low or zero-energy new buildings.
4. Implement transparent compliance and enforcement processes in support of regulated building energy codes and standards.
5. Ensure that policies for land-use, building renovation, renewable energy, building certification and appliance labelling are aligned to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate and maintain a building.
6. Establish capacity building programmes to ensure that those involved in the planning, construction and management of buildings understand building energy codes and their practical application.

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