Horizon report: 2009 Australia-New Zealand edition

5 Oct 2009

Technology such as mobile internet devices and virtual realities will have a profound impact on educational institutions over the next three years, according to this report.

The New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project is an ongoing research project that aims to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry within education around the globe over a five-year time period. The project’s central products are the Horizon Reports, an annual series of publications that describe promising emerging technologies and highlight their relevance to education. This edition, the Horizon Report: 2009 Australia-New Zealand Edition, is the second in the ANZ series and focuses on emerging technologies as they appear in and affect education in Australia and New Zealand particularly.

The report was launched at a one-day symposium hosted by Griffith University's Southbank campus. The symposium explored the educational possibilities of emerging technologies and the National Broadband Network.

Keynote speaker for the event was Dr Larry Johnson, chief executive officer of New Media Consortium – the international body that publishes the Horizon reports.

"The Horizon Report identifies that the swift uptake of new mobile phone models with the capacity for educational applications, combined with wider availability of mobile broadband, has catapulted mobiles into the educational realm in Australia and New Zealand," Dr Johnson said.

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