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Open Government Partnership New Zealand: draft national action plan 2018-2020

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The Open Government Action Plan aims to transform the relationship between government and all the people it serves. The state sector reforms that have been proposed are aimed at making exciting and meaningful change to the way government works for citizens and engages with citizens.

Open Government needs to be looked at as an investment in better government rather than as a ‘donation’ to a worthy cause. We should be looking to the return for our people (in terms of New Zealanders’ wellbeing) we want to get from our combined investment.

In developing this Plan’s commitments, we have pushed government agencies to stretch their level of ambition – and they have done so. We can see evidence of agencies leveraging off the past, learning, adapting and looking to the longer term. We see rollover and expansion from the Plan for 2016-18 into 2018-20.

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