This report has been prepared to provide evidence of legal need in New South Wales to assist the implementation of the Cameron Review in 2018. The evidence in this report builds on over 20 years of legal needs research undertaken by the Foundation and others internationally.

The report is organised into two sections:

Section 1 provides data on priority groups, as well as information on the experience of legal problems and multiple disadvantage. Strategies for making services more appropriate and accessible for each priority group are identified. The Foundation’s new Need for Legal Assistance Services (NLAS) community legal centre indicator is introduced. This indicator provides a count of people likely to need legal assistance from a community legal centre if they were to experience a legal problem and can be used to compare potential demand across geographic areas.

Section 2 provides data by 22 catchment regions. There are 18 catchment regions that are covered by a NSW generalist CLC and 4 regions that are not being covered by a generalist CLC. This section includes information on the location of other legal assistance services in each catchment region, as well as data on the priority groups to provide a profile of the catchment region.

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