Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House


The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House is a living museum of social and political history, located in a nationally listed heritage building in Parkes, Canberra.

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House helps people to understand Australia’s social and political history by interpreting the past and present and exploring the future.

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Power, powerlessness and Australian democracy
25 Jul 2018

This report provides a snapshot of the key findings of a survey conducted in February 2014, in which Ipsos asked a representative sample of Australians to consider various issues regarding Australian democracy and their role in making it work.

Briefing paper

25 Jul 2018

This Democracy 100 brief reports that Australians should rightly be proud of their hard won democratic traditions and freedoms and the achievement of stable government which has delivered social and economic wellbeing for its citizens. However, the findings herein should give all democrats pause for...


25 Jul 2018

Democracy 100: You can make a difference was crafted as an authentic and significant museum public and research program that brought multilateral leaders together to develop content for a Charter for Australian Democracy.

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