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This Discussion Paper proposes flood resilience initiatives for Norman Creek, Brisbane. It compiles ideas generated during a research synthesis workshop hosted by the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and Brisbane City Council on the 16th and 17th August 2016. The workshop participants gathered to develop innovative flood management ideas and to consider how they might be applied in Norman Creek. The ideas were developed as part of an innovation process and have no formal status; further analysis and evaluation will be required before any are adopted.

The need for Solutions for Norman Creek Brisbane is a city built on a flood plain. Floods are a familiar, if not necessarily welcomed, part of life. Recognising this, Brisbane aspires to be a city that ‘lives well with flooding’. Brisbane’s community has also experienced drought, and understands that flood resilience, water security and liveability are linked concepts that make up Brisbane’s water story. These aspects of Brisbane’s water story reflect the changing nature of water in cities more broadly – the need to manage for a changing climate, growing urban population and a desire to harness water’s ability to create more liveable places in which to live and work. Norman Creek, as one of the most urbanised catchments in Brisbane, acutely represents these opportunities and can showcase solutions that can be replicated across the city.

In addition to the challenges of flood management and drought security, there is also a strong desire to reconnect the community with the catchment in which it lives and to facilitate sustainable urban development. Taking these leads, workshop participants were invited to reconsider the issue of flooding in Norman Creek by: • expanding the definition of the problem

• exploring new options that intentionally differ from traditional approaches

• considering future scenarios in which these options would be economically and practically viable, to understand when and how they might be implemented.

The result is Solution for Norman Creek.

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